Charlotte Coombe is a British translator working from French and Spanish into English. After a decade translating creative texts in gastronomy, the arts, travel and tourism, lifestyle, fashion and advertising, her love of literature drew her to literary translation, with a particular interest in women’s writing.

Her translation of Abnousse Shalmani’s Khomeini, Sade and Me (2016) won a PEN Translates award in 2015 and is her second title with World Editions. She has translated The President's Room by Ricardo Romero (2017) and more recently, a collection of novellas and short stories by the Colombian author Margarita García Robayo, published as Fish Soup in 2018, both by Charco Press. Her translation of Eduardo Berti's novel The Imagined Land was published in September 2018 by Deep Vellum Publishing. She has also translated poetry and short stories by authors such as Rosa María Roffiel, Edgardo Nuñez Caballero and Santiago Roncagliolo, published online by Palabras Errantes.

She has also been awarded a PEN Translates award in 2019 for her forthcoming translation of the novel Holiday Heart by Margarita García Robayo (Charco Press, May 2020).

As well as translating literature, working as CMC Translations she provides transcreation, proofreading, editing and revising on a daily basis for various private clients and agencies. 

If you have a project to discuss, I’d love to hear from you!