Who am I?

So, here's my first ever blog post, by way of an introduction (this text will actually appear on my 'about' page, but I have to start somewhere with my blog posts!)


Hello! I am a freelance translator currently living in Marrakech with my Moroccan husband.
Since I set out to become a professional translator in 2008 armed with a modern languages degree, a love of translation and some extremely valuable experience working in translation companies, I have gradually established myself as CMC Translations by building client relationships and earning a solid reputation as a competent and creative translator working from French and Spanish into English.

Although I professionally translate, revise, edit and proofread various types of texts on a daily basis, including everything from fashion catalogues to marketing brochures, advertising headlines to children’s literature, travel articles to hotel websites, and cookery books to festival guides, I am now also trying to find more time to focus on my passion which is literature. Whether I’m reading, writing or translating – words are a very important part of my life and I want to work at becoming a skilled literary translator.

I am finding my way slowly but surely. Having studied for the IoL Diploma in Translation (Spanish to English) which I have now achieved, with a Merit in Literature, I am attempting to find my way into the world of literary translation through networking with other emerging translators, seeking advice from already established translators, practicing my translation skills and reading literature from around the world in English, French and Spanish.

It is a long road to becoming a good literary translator, but it is definitely a path I want to travel. Along the way, I thought I’d write this blog, not only as a means of ensuring that I write regularly (she says, optimistically) – because a good translator, is after all, a good writer – and a means of hopefully helping other translators out there who are either at the same stage, or further behind me on the journey. My posts will be a mixture of musings, interesting quotes, ramblings, observations about language, the challenges of translation, books, travel and the world.

Creative translators also have a role in promoting the art of literary translation, which as arts go, tends to be a rather misunderstood and under-appreciated one. I have been inspired by the growing number of emerging literary translators out there who are writing excellent blogs on this topic as well as organising events and networks for people like me. This is my small contribution to helping promote an understanding of the hard work, skill and effort that goes into breaking down language barriers and making great literature available to readers around the world, as I learn for myself just how hard it is...

Please feel free to comment - this site is intended to be a way of interacting with other linguists, translators, book lovers or wordsmiths out there :)