Reading my novel Le Témoin des Salomons in English, i.e. seeing it transformed into The Solomon Islands Witness, was a stunning experience for me. Here was the book I wrote, the same but different; like starting anew. And this was all thanks to Charlotte Coombe who skilfully used the right words, the right tempo, the right touch. As a translator and a publisher myself, I know that a translation can be dim or sharp. Charlie's is most definitely sharp, as if she used my eyes, knew my thoughts, had my pen in her hand.

Marc de Gouvenain, Author

I asked Charlotte Coombe to translate my novel Beatriz decidió no casarse after months of looking for a translator and after looking at some samples of her work that are posted on her webpage. With no other reference, I sent her my novel and I must say that the result was enchanting. Reading my novel in another language was just awesome. I really admire Charlotte’s ability of also translating the personality of my characters. She managed to translate the ironies, the humor, and the tone, and that must be very hard to do. She delivered her work on time and she truly is a nice person to work with. I cannot wait to send her my second novel.
María Paulina Camejo, Author

I have worked with Charlie of CMC Translations for several years and her translations are excellent, well-written and always delivered on time. She is very skilled at translation in the fields of marketing, communication and advertising. It is a real pleasure to work with her.
Rita Ianiciello, Manufacture de Traduction

A chance meeting with Charlotte Coombe of CMC Translations has proved very fruitful for Bailey Publishing Associates.  At the time that we met, I was seeking a translator for some children’s books I had acquired from a French publisher for publication in English.  I asked Charlotte to translate some pages as a test before offering her a contract to undertake the translations.  These she delivered in good order and on time. Being a linguist myself, I am able to judge her French language skills, and I can confirm they are excellent.  In addition, she is intelligent, efficient and delightful to work with.  I can highly recommend her.
Roberta Bailey, Director, Bailey Publishing Associates

Charlotte has worked for us since 2012, mainly on revision and proofreading jobs. She delivers work of the highest standard. She is clear in her communication and has a pragmatic approach to her work.  She is friendly and professional and always delivers on time. We very much enjoy working with Charlie.
Ana Nelson, Surrey Translation Bureau

Charlotte has carried out transcreation,  proofreading and rewriting for several of our clients (Nikon, Vertu, TomTom). She has an excellent written style, creative when required. For the script translation, (Illy) the adaptation was accurate and lively and it flowed extremely well. She is always available and projects are delivered on time (or before the deadlines!). Text Appeal would definitely recommend Charlotte to other people.
Sandrine Faure, Textappeal

Charlie is a competent language expert and translator. I’ve been working with her for over a year and she has always delivered accurate, high-quality translations and text reviews. She is very professional as well as friendly and approachable. It is a pleasure to work with her.
Chiara Grimaldi, Textappeal


We have had a very good work relationship over the last four years with Ms. Coombe, who we recommend to those asking for a translator. With regard to any queries on her translations she is open, attentive and reactive to feedback. 10/10 for customer service. 
Sebastian Sperber, European Forum for Urban Safety

Charlotte has done marketing transcreation work (French-> English) as well as English proofreading work for us and we were very happy with the work delivered each time. Her responses are always swift and she's enthusiastic about our projects which is great! It's assuring to know that she'll be there for us to help and we can count on her. We definitely recommend Charlotte.
Aya Kanda, Account Director, Textappeal

I have worked with Charlie on quite a few projects for the past months and I am happy to recommend her for her excellent proofreading and linguistic skills, her eye for detail and accuracy. Moreover, she is extremely responsive and friendly. It's a real pleasure working with her.
Elektra Klimi, Textappeal

Charlotte has worked on the French to English translation of a few creative literary texts for me over the past year. She delivered work of a high quality that read fluently, and respected my deadlines. She is also extremely personable and has a professional attitude. I would happily recommend her services in this field.
Katherine Mérignac, SARL Amtrad

Charlotte knows the language industry very well and as such is always truly mindful of what clients expect and require. She is thoroughly professional, prompt and always a joy to work with.
Daniel Smith, Wessex Translations

Since 2008, CMC Translations has translated numerous French websites from the Tourism, marketing, food and drink sectors, into English. All the translations were of a good, accurate standard and were returned in the required format within the requested delivery timescale. I would have no hesitation in recommending CMC Translations for this type of project. - Chris Grace
Wessex Translations

Charlotte is a conscientious and trustworthy colleague who always sees the positive in every task she tackles. She's intuitive, consistent and very reliable. -
Wessex Translations

Action Against Hunger has been seeking the services of CMC Translations for over a year now and we have at all times been extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of the service. Whether it is the impeccable turnaround time for translations of urgent press releases or the immaculate translation of website features and reports, we have always been very happy with the quality of the work, the service provided and the very professional customer care. I would highly recommend CMC Translations!
Christine Kahmann, Communications Officer, Action Against Hunger

Charlotte is a young, enthusiastic translator with an excellent writing style. She is very professional and reliable, key assets for agencies and direct clients alike. 
Nikki Meyer, Freelance translator

Charlotte Coombe is a translator with a high degree of professionalism and technical know-how. I particularly appreciate her attention to detail and layout. Her lovely personality is a great bonus too. I would not hesitate in recommending her services.
Anne De Freyman, Freelance Translator

Charlotte Coombe has worked on quite a few occasions with our company, translating from Spanish into English. She has always delivered translations on the agreed date and the quality of translations has always been acceptable. Charlotte is reliable and hard-working, always available for translations. I would happily re-employ her as I consider her to be a very valuable translator.
Isabel Tévar, Tradunor S.L.

On a 10 page-long, challenging text focusing on local public policy of nightlife management, the translation offered by Charlotte Coombe was of very high quality. The service provided was excellent.
Mark Burton-Page, European Forum for Urban Safety

We asked Charlotte to translate our 2009 Activities Report, from French to English. We were very happy with the quality and rapidity of the work. We will certainly give her more translations in the future, and would definitely recommend her!
Céline Rollet, European Forum for Urban Safety