the solomon islands witness, by marc de gouvenain

TRANSLATED FROM THE french BY CHARLOTTE COOMBE | PUBLISHED BY pontas literary & film agency, may 2014

As a result of a series of stunning coincidences, a woman from a far away country finds herself in the Solomon Islands, where everything she has learned in her fifty years of life is turned upside down. 
Loneliness is the perfect condition for self-assessment and nostalgia; for questioning the choices you have made over time. Francine has spent far too much time recreating the life of a man she loved but who abandoned her. The Melanesian climate and the differences in this far-away place reinforce her perceptions and open up possibilities… Once again she starts to feel close to the man whose travels took him away to the remotest corners of the world. 
From this moment on, reconciling mythology with natural sciences and dreams, she is able to cross an important frontier. Beyond it there might be a reencounter or new places to travel. From Asia to Europe, from Europe to Oceania, why leave, if it is not to complete the quest, the inner journey? Death might also be lurking there. 
A complex novel which explores the concept of travelling and why we do it, with beautiful descriptions of the steppes of Eastern Europe, the feeling of arriving to unknown places, of strangeness, of the desire to leave…